2010 vendors

Main Food Court

In 2017 the Food Court will enjoy a new location, North of the North Stage on Turner Street. See festival map.

Click on vendor name to access website if available.

  • Amie Jo’s Elephant Ears — Also known as “bunuelos”, they are made from scratch, fresh for you, and available with a variety of delicious toppings. New this year: Turtle Ears, with premium chocolate, caramel and pecans. Hawaiian shaved ice, pop and water.
  • Amist Concessions — Look for the booth that looks like a lemon! Fresh squeezed lemonade, limeade, orangeade, iced tea (sugar-free also available).
  • Cinnamon Nuts & More — Cinnamon-roasted almonds, pecans, cashews, salted nuts; assorted candy.
  • Clint’s Hot Dogs — A downtown Lansing favorite. Over a dozen “dog” and sausage choices, enhanced by great toppings. Chili. Assorted chips. Water, pop.
  • Cottage Inn Pizza — Fresh from downtown Lansing, cheese, pepperoni and specialty, by the slice.
  • Eastside Fish Fry — From a favorite Lansing eatery, bringing you their signature catfish nuggets. delicious chicken wings, and tenders, fries and soft drinks.
  • Finley’s Grill & Smokehouse – Favorites with more flavor — Ribs, pulled pork, jumbo chicken wings, baked beans, potato salad, cole slaw, mac and cheese.
  • Iorio’s – Gelato and Sorbetto — frozen Italian desserts in six great flavors. All low fat, and sorbetto is lactose-free.
  • Maria’s Tacos — Tacos*, taco salad*; refried beans*, rice. Water and soda. *Veggy versions available.
  • Mediterranean Cuisine — Gyros, chicken bourbon over rice, Greek salad, chicken tenders, burgers, butterfly chips, curly and plain fries, iced tea, sodas, water.
  • Native American food by Anishnabe Meejim — Indian tacos, fry bread, blanket dogs, wild rice soup, buffalo chili, nachos, hot dogs, buffalo burgers, Fries, soft drinks.
  • Youa’s Asian Fusion Foods — Made from scratch. Shrimp or tofu fresh rolls, chicken Vietnamese spring rolls, chicken egg rolls, sweet & sour chicken kabobs, crabmeat rangoon, Chinese donuts. Soda pop, water.

In addition to the awesome food vendors, check out the booths of vendors selling arts and crafts, jewelry, clothing, accessories, and more!

  • ABS Clothing — Tie dye clothing, jewelry, sunglasses.
  • JazzFest 2016 T-shirts –Featuring this year’s signature graphic. Available only from the festival booth.
  • Ms. Laura’s Art Gallery — acrylic paintings on canvas, pottery, posters, jewelry (earrings, bracelets, necklaces)
  • Nanis Fashion — Jewelry, accessories, ponchos and gift items.
  • Providence Chiropractic — Free spinal screenings, assessment and minor adjustments.
  • Saniyas Collections — Jackets, t-shirts, scarves, bags, jewelry, incense, license plates and more.
  • Silver Talisman, Tommy Jones — Real silver jewelry, handcrafted by silversmith Tommy Jones, new items made while you watch.
  • Sistha’s Creative Design — Jar and bottle art, decorated mosaic tiles and inspirational prints. Handmade bracelets, chokers, necklaces and anklets on leather or knotted cord.
  • Sunshine Apparel — Brighten your wardrobe with sparkly rhinestone hats and shirts; also maxi skirts, sundresses, jumpsuits. Unique cat-eye mirror sunglasses, hands-free ladies cross-body bags and more.

The Turnaround Lounge

The Turnaround Lounge and its patios are a prime location to enjoy music from both main stages. Admission to the Turnaround Lounge is $5/day. The Turnaround Lounge is also the only festival vendor licensed to sell alcohol. Because of this, all entrants must show ID proving they are at least 21 years of age.

To be considered as a vendor :: Send an email to info@oldtownarts.org for required forms, one to two months prior to festival.