2015 Aug 7, Friday – River Stage

5:45 – 6:45 pm : : Anthony Stanco – Jazz Trumpet Workshop

Anthony Stanco

Anthony Stanco – photo from performer’s website.

As a trumpet player, composer and educator, Anthony Stanco is a rising talent in today’s music scene. Anthony’s brilliant trumpet style is exciting and demonstrates his understanding of the jazz tradition. Anthony is equally passionate as an educator and composer.

As an Educator, Anthony was privileged to start at a young age. He had his first private student when he was only twelve years old and continues to teach privately to students of all ages. At Manhattan School of Music, he was part of their outreach program, Music Arts-In-Education, and taught at various public schools in New York City. In 2011 he returned to the Civic Jazz Orchestra as a mentor and director of Civic Jazz Combo B. Anthony was also a graduate assistant in Jazz Studies at Michigan State University and also teaches at the MSU, Community Music School in Lansing, MI.

Currently, Anthony is proud to represent the government’s Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs. The Anthony Stanco Ensemble will be conducting a five-week tour in Africa through the American Music Abroad program. Anthony will be releasing his first album with the Anthony Stanco Ensemble this September.

Anthony Stanco Website: http://www.anthonystancomusic.com/

2015 Aug 8, Saturday – River Stage

Greg Vadnais and Abass Camara

Greg Vadnais and Abass Camara

1:00-2:00 pm : : Western African Drumming Demo/Workshop  

The traditional rhythms of West Africa were important in the development of contemporary drumming. The principles of polyrhythms, and call and response, can be heard specifically within the context of American jazz and blues music. In this workshop, master drummer Abbas Camara, along with Greg Vadnais, drummer/percussionist, will be presenting some rhythms on djembe and dundun, traditional drums of the Manding Empire of West Africa. Those in attendance are welcome to join in. You are encouraged to bring a djembe if you have one, as drums will not be provided.

7:30 – 8:30 pm : : Ozay Moore Workshop “Hip-hop & Jazz”

Ozay Moore

Ozay Moore

With 7 solo albums, 4 collaborative group releases, 10 years of touring the world as a certified emcee, and 15 years of releasing records, Ozay now finds his career meaning more to him at a local level than as a traveling artist. 
Lansing is fortunate to be his current location. It is now the home of All of the Above Creative — a collective dedicated to empowering communities through Hip Hop Culture — and also introducing hip hip into the school system in ways that reinforce curriculum.

But this is all about fun, Jazz and movement, taught by a master in all of the above.  The combination of workshop and performance will take JazzFest visitors on a musical journey highlighting Hip Hop Music’s Roots in Jazz. Don’t miss it!

Learn more about All the Above Creative here… www.aotahiphop.org