:: 2012 :: Tyler Vander Maas Sax Quartet plays snappy original arrangements and compositions created by their group leader, Tyler Vander Maas. The music is heavily influenced by traditional jazz forms and harmonies, using those as a platform from which to explore new directions. The music is written to take advantage of the unique improvisational versatility that jazz so easily encompasses, and to highlight the talents of each performer in this ensemble.

Having met in the jazz studies program at Michigan State University, each musician provides something special and just a little different to their overall sound. Taylor Herron grooves on the alto sax, and is originally from Missoula, Montana, where rivers cut through valleys much like his lines through chord changes. Ryan Freitas provides the solid jazz bass, adding flair to his performance with edgy tenor sounds. As the oldest performer in the group, Royce Phillips knows exactly when to lead out with his electrifying solos. Finally, backing up the entire group with his big sound is Travis Sinclair on baritone.