:: 2012 :: The Planet D Nonet was founded in 2007 by RJ Spangler and James O’Donnell, both original members of the well-known Detroit band, The Sun Messengers.¬† The “D” in the name stands for Detroit, and their exposure to musical genius Sun Ra began in the mid-70s when poet-activist John Sinclair first brought the band to the Motor City. Since then, they have completed two tours of the southern US, appearing in nine different states, as well as an annual tour of western Michigan.

A typical Planet D Nonet gig is anything but ordinary. The performance might involve very early jazz from Louis Armstrong or Mezz Mezzrow, Duke Ellington and Fletcher Henderson swing charts from the ’30s, Detroit R&B from Paul “Huckle-Buck” Williams or King Porter, and even space-age jazz from Sun Ra. This phenomenal group can transition from scene to scene, spending one night playing a swing dance,¬† the next at a concert performance at a small pub, and another as the entertainment at an art gallery. They’re sure to bring it full on for the major JazzFest, bringing a Detroit twist and plenty of good humor, with an eye toward turning people on to this music.

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