:: 2012 :: The Macpodz, one of Ann Arbor’s great jam bands, bring a fresh style to their performances in the self-described disco bebop genre. This group is a guitar-less ensemble comprised of brilliant musicians: Brennan Andes on bass, Jesse Clayton on keys, Ross Huff on trumpet, Griffin Bastian on drums, and Nick Ayers on percussion, flute, and vocals. The drums and bass resonate frequencies of joie de vivre, and the cymbals and trumpets sound triumph. Energized by the spark of inspiration, these uncannily talented musicians perform epic narrations of honor and chivalry. Together, they muster up some of the most lively music on the scene today.

Ryan Bunch of the Toledo City Newspaper says, “With a little bit of everything in its musical grab bag, The Macpodz easily please music lovers, from fans of far out jazz to those rootsy jam band-style grooves. [They] pay homage to kinky musical concoctions like the groovy, unstructured big band instrumental works of the late, great Frank Zappa with psychedelic tinges of sunglasses-and-afro era Miles Davis. The Macpodz impress as only an open-minded band can, taking the core of genuine American music and tossing in tasteful touches of world grooves that rouse and comfort all at once.”

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