Math Games

Photo from performer website.

Fareed Haque’s MathGames

Friday, August 7, 2015 – 11:00 to 12:00
North Stage

Fareed Haque has been featured on many radio and TV networks, including his own special for PBS; issued 3 solo albums, and toured with a host of major musicians, including eclectic Grammy-winner Sting. In 2001 he co-founded super-group Garaj Mahal, touring 10 years, releasing successful CDs, and won an Independent Music Award. In 2009, Haque’s acclaimed 2009 release Flat Planet was twice #1 on the World Jazz Radio charts.

And for his latest journey, this world-renowned guitar virtuoso, recently returned from interstellar pan dimensional time travel to bring ‘jazztronica’ to earth with his new band MathGames!

By infusing a musical equation that mixes genres, tempos, melodies and abnormal beats, MathGames! takes you on an innovative musical adventure. Band members Alex Austin (Bass) and Greg Fundis (Drums) provide a funky musical backbone as the trio submerges you in a futuristic groove, transforming light into sound and taking everyone in the crowd deep into space. While traveling dimensions, Fareed powerfully moves sound in undefined ways by switching styles with his multiple guitars including the mesmerizing Moog guitar.

Complementing this performance is one by Tony Monaco/Fareed Haque trio on the MICA Stage on Friday, 9:30-11:00 — read more.

(source: performer website.)

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