Community Dance Project Troupe 2013.

Community Dance Project photo by David Grist

DANCE Lansing – A Community Dance Project 2014

Saturday, August 2, 2014 – 2:00 to 3:00 (MICA Stage)

Performances by DANCE Lansing – A Community Dance Project offer an eclectic blend of modern and contemporary dance. This year’s show at JazzFest was assembled from 35 new original dances, involving 80 dancers and 30 choreographers, as part of CDP 2014. Works are assembled into various hour-long programs suited to venues ranging from formal theater settings, to intimate club settings, to festivals like this.

Community Dance Project (CDP) was founded in 2005 as an in-house component of Happendance, Michigan’s longest-running professional modern dance company (since 1976). It rapidly evolved into a major collaboration with Lansing Community College’s Dance Program, and later with select dance studios. Now in its ninth year, it has adopted use of the name “DANCE Lansing” and expanded its operations, but remains dedicated to its original goals: to foster and advance the creative process by nurturing choreographers; to connect dance artists and organizations and improve opportunities for their development; and to demystify modern dance for new audiences through its concert formats and community outreach.

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