Happendance:: 2012 :: As a cultural treasure in the Lansing area and Michigan’s longest-running professional modern dance company, Happendance continues to find ways to develop the future of dance in our community. Under the direction of Missy Lilje, for the seventh year Community Dance Project offers free modern dance performances in a format designed to demystify modern dance for audience members and to nurture Lansing-area choreographers and dancers. Prior to the presentation of each dance, the choreographer verbally shares his or her intentions and process with the audience. At the conclusion of the show, dancers and choreographers answer audience questions in a talk-back session.

JazzFest is just one of several venues where CDP is presenting its FREE performances. ¬†LCC’s Dart Auditorium will offer shows at 8 pm on August 8 and 9, and East Lansing’s Scene Metrospace will host two performances on August 10, at 7 and 8 pm. ¬†Happendance produces CDP with the assistance of Lansing Community College Department of Arts and Humanities.