:: 2012 :: Baxter’s Michigan music career began back in 1977, upon meeting Sandy Izenson, a local pianist. She recalls that “he could play any tune I called, in any key I wanted—without charts.” An inseparable pair, they played weekly shows for local music lounges and country clubs. These performances are what brought her in touch with Dr. Fred Mitchell, Jr., a skilled jazz bassist and pianist, and inspired her soul-filled blues and jazz career that followed their meeting.

Today, Baxter works with the Lansing Matinee Musicale presenting jazz programs, as well as study clubs of Michigan music composers. She also released her latest CD, Love Remembers, featuring a quartet of mid-Michigan all-stars: Jeff Kressler on piano, Ed Fedewa (part of the group Layers) on bass, Jeff Hall on reeds, and Fred Knapp on drums. Her love for jazz is apparent in every song, and promises to captivate the audience.

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